Hashtags, Instagram and Foursquare. Oh My.

Using social media for your business can be very helpful, if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, if you’re using the social media “wrong”, you could be wasting a lot of time. Here’s a few random tips for your social media toolbelt.

Hashtags are really #useful when used #correctly.

Be smart with hashtags. Hashtags can be very helpful, but using generic hashtags that are used by people all over the internet won’t help (An example of a generic hashtag is “#fun” or “#funtimes”). People all over the internet use those hashtags, and if someone is searching through #funtimes they will likely never see your post. Even if they do see your post, they weren’t searching “#funtimes” to find your product. Using unique hashtags that apply to your product can be more effective. This way not many people will tweet it unless it is directly related to your product, which is good.

#hashtag Infographic by MediaBistro

Claim and optimize your FourSquare page.

Another random social media marketing tip is to encourage customers to use a social media called FourSquare. Chances are that, if you are a local brick-and-mortar business, you probably already have an automatic Foursquare page and don’t even know it! All you have to do is claim it. FourSquare is mainly smartphone based, and is a service where users can “check in” to your business and share it with their friends on social media sites. This can help your business a lot because when other people see their friends checking into your business, it’s prevalent that they are having a good experience with your business, and draws more customers. If you encourage customers to use FourSquare, it could bring more “check ins” to your business, as well as customers.

Stay on task with Instagram

Another marketing tip is to stay relevant while spending time on social media. When on a social media (we’ll use Instagram as an example), it is important to post things that are relevant to your product. Users will follow your page because they want updates and information on your product, not because they want to see pictures from your vacation. These are the differences between personal social media accounts and business social media accounts.

There are plenty of companies who are using social media the right way. One company that really stands out is Zappos. Many of their social media accounts are managed quite wellCheck out their Instagram page, as well as their Facebook and Twitter for ideas. They seem friendlier than other “big company” social media accounts. Zappos can be a template for many businesses to utilize social media.

Using social media with business can be tough to master, but these tips will set you on the right path to gain new customers on social networ

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