Facebook for Dentists

How to benefit from Dental Facebook Pages

Heard about dental marketing in Facebook recently? Thought about using Facebook for Dental Marketing? Getting more fans for dental page? All true, it is the new trend.

Studies show an average user spends an average 15 hours and 33 minutes on Facebook per month. Also, an average user has 130 friends on Facebook.

There are about 100 million Facebook users in the US. It means one out of three Americans is in Facebook (Now, think about potential of Dentist marketing in Facebook!) This number is even more in Tech Savvy areas. In California, almost 52% have Facebook account (one out of two). In some cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco, this number is above 90%! And finally: Over 80% of Facebook users are 18 or more.

Facebook has turned to a major communication channel and it is a mistake to keep it out of your dental marketing. You have to have a Dental Facebook Marketing strategy and we can help you with it. Here are some Dental Marketing Tips for you to get the most out of Facebook:

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 1: Use Facebook as your second Website

Average Facebook user visits the site 40 times per month and spends more than 20 minutes in each visit. Can’t you get a slice for your dental fan page? Easier than you think!

One of the good Facebook dental marketing strategies is to promote your dental page on Facebook as your second website. Put all information of your dental practice on Facebook page and make your information is available on your dental Facebook Fan Page. You gotta be their cool dentist.

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 2: The ultimate internal marketing tool for your practice

There is no argument that if not the most effective dental marketing strategy, Internal Marketing is one of them. Dental Marketing on Facebook can serve it too!

By internal marketing, your ultimate goal is:
1) to get more patients by referrals
2) to make sure your present patients come back.
Sure enough, they all are in Facebook. You have to make them like your dentist Facebook page and then, by producing relevant and engaging content, bring them back to your practice.

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 3: Keep it casual

Facebook has a casual environment by definition. Yet, there are formal pages on Facebook, but most of the successful pages have casual spirit and tone. Your Facebook Dental Page shouldn’t be different. You are not supposed to give a lecture on your dental fan page. Your fans will be bored and never come back, or never like your dental page on Facebook!

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 4: Content is the King

Content, Content, Content! You are supposed to generate content, couple of times a day! Are you busy with patients and don’t see much importance of Facebook Dental Marketing? No problem, you will not see the results!

Seriously, you can ask your front desk or someone that is familiar enough with your dental practice to reveal the potential of Facebook marketing for dentists for you. A weekly schedule of posts may help. You may use the following as a suggestion:

  • Monday: Post something about the past weekend (Something that Facebook audience can be informed about. J)
  • Tuesday: Post a link or news, along with your comments (The most effective dental marketing on Facebook happens when fans or likes see you as an authority in the field)
  • Wednesday: Post a funny or inspirational quote or clip
  • Thursday: You may get a day off from posting on Facebook and review what others say about you, essentially, what is your reputation as a dentist on Facebook
  • Friday: Post about upcoming weekend

I don’t know where I originally found this schedule. It is not my contribution, but still useful and valuable.

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 5: Facebook Paid Marketing

Facebook has information of its entire users. That is the reason that Facebook can pinpoint users based on your needs! Interesting? That is the reason that Facebook is the major rival of giant Google in paid advertisement.

There is an area on the right side of each page on Facebook. If you want to utilize it as a part of your dental advertisement of Facebook, you can order ads and pay between $1 to $3 or even less to Facebook for each click. Suppose that you are a cosmetic dentist and want to advertise Veneers or Invisalign on Facebook. You can design an ad or a promotion and ask Facebook to show it to potential patients in your geographic area, with a certain income, determined age group, interests, race and sex. It is the reason they call it “highly targeted”. If you pay attention to details and target the appropriate group, it could be a very successful part of your Facebook dental marketing strategy. If you think you need help, please feel free to Contact us and we will help you setup your campaign.

Dental Marketing on Facebook Tip 6: Claim your Facebook Dental Page

If you didn’t, do it! It is impossible to do all other Tips without having the control and administration of your page.

How you can claim your dental practice Facebook page? It is easy. First look for your page on Facebook, using your personal account (If you don’t have one, it is the time to start one). Then search for your practice on Facebook with your name or your practice’s name. As soon as you found your page, there is a link on the bottom left side of the page that allows you to claim your page. Facebook will call your office to validate you are calling from your practice and you are the actual owner of the Facebook dentist page. As soon as you claim your page, you will have chance to modify it and enter your information there.

If you have any question or feel you need help about it, feel free to Contact Us. We are here to help you will all of your social media dental marketing needs, including dental marketing on Facebook.

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