How can having dental blog help you get more patients

Having an active Dental Blog is one of the first and the most important steps for a dental practice after having a website. The blog is the live section of a website that is being utilized as a tool for increasing credibility of a dental office for both prospective and existing patients, getting new patients and encouraging existing patients to return to the dental clinic. Also it is often seen as a tool for patient retention and preventing them from switching to competitors. So how that works?

Useful Information

The first and foremost duty of a Dental Practice’s Blog is to provide useful, relevant and up to date information to prospective and existing patients. That being said, the mission of a good blog is to provide good information. One question that is often asked is what to write about in a dental practice blog. The answer is simple.

Your blog should be concentrated on answering to the key questions that patients have. Give it some thought for a minute and you will be able to think of many subjects for your blog posts based on what are facing every day. The subjects can be derived from the questions that your patients ask before, during and after treatment and the questions prospective customers ask before coming to your office.

That said, at times a blog is seen by many patients as a verification tool for reliability and authority of a dental practice. There is a high chance that the prospective with a question finds your blog useful and call and schedule an appointment after reading the post that answers his/her question.


The second important feature of a good blog is to be interactive. It is not enough just to write blog posts and leave them there forever. It is important to go back to your blog once in a while, check for the comments or questions and answer to the questions. Over time you will have more returning visitors to your blog and it will keep an open communication with prospective and existing customers.

Visibility on Google

Finally, Search Engines love Blogs. What do you think of a person that always is the same and has nothing new to say? Search engines think similar about a website that is always the same. You can either add new content to your website once in a while or have new posts in your dental blog which is a lot easier.

Best Results

To get the best results from Dental Blog Marketing, you should be persistent in posting new content and have new content every month or even better if you post more often. You may ask how your busy schedule would let you do such. You can ask experts to help you. At Lucid Crew, we provide dental blog posting services at a low cost along with or separate from other dentist marketing services. We will install a blog on your website if you don’t have one or will develop a new one from scratch for you, post new content to your blog regularly, manage your blog and respond to the questions and keep your blog up to date with relevant and original content that is uniquely being written according to the specifications of your practice. Contact us today for more information.

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