Social Media Marketing Tip: Verification

In the beginning businesses had to have a presence online just to stay ahead of the curve. Now it’s a way to garner sales. Looking for a way to be one step closer to reaching customers? Here’s a social media marketing tip : verification. Something like verification goes a long way toward pushing the company to the next level.

Verification is an official seal that shows readers that this account is the main place to follow. It looks like a blue cloud with a white checkmark in the middle. It places this account on higher standards and separates this account from fake ones. Fake accounts used to pretend to be legitimate by sounding legitimate; they eventually got caught. In fact fake ones are now required to admit their fake or be punished by the site. Followers, friends, fans and connections will know who is on the receiving end of the conversation. Search engines love verification. They push verified accounts to the top of SERP. Who knew a small image can do all that?

Twitter started the verification scenario as a result of so many accounts claiming to belong to the same company. Followers were confused and many got tricked as a result. Twitter implemented this to separate the official from the fake. Verification became so important that it expanded beyond Twitter. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are all asking for verification.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to get a verification seal no matter how hard. In that case there are other ways to be verified. Connect the account to other verified social media accounts and the company page. This shows readers that this account, while not verified, is as close to being verified as possible. If no accounts are verified connect all accounts to the official company page. This demonstrates that while not verified it is our account. Otherwise it wouldn’t be listed on the company page.

Social media was never expected to be this big. The power of the people turned social media from a way to communicate to a marketing tool. Verification is the next step in moving your business forward. Contact us for more information on social media tips. We want to make sure that the campaign is a successful one.

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