Content Considerations for Small Business Website Designs

Content is everything when it comes to educating customers about a purchase. Content provides key information to customers to use to determine how they will use a business’ product or why they need its service. Web design is critical for making a powerful statement through easy interaction while providing content clearly to customers.

1. Minimalism

Many today consider web design a variant of artistic expression. A minimal web design provides this artistic aura without distracting customers from the heart of the page. This technique is easy to recognize: few words, few images, and few links. This technique embraces the openness for attracting customers directly to the important information. One excellent example of a minimal design is the Apple homepage . It displays information about new products without overwhelming and distracting the customer from the content.

2. Typography

While typography itself is not a technique, deciding which typeface to use is. A font says a lot about a business, and a unique font says even more. Customers appreciate easy to read yet orginally appealing text. It makes it easy for customers to enjoy reading what a business has to say. Typography also includes how to space, size, and style text. What colour should it be? Should it be bold or underlined? Each of these grab the customer’s focus and bring it to the content that matters. The Best of East London shows how typography can quickly grab a customer’s attention and move it down the page.

3. A/B Testing Landing Pages

A/B Testing is a kind of experimental setup. It relies upon two landing pages similar in content but with some slight changes. One page could be designed to have an order button at the top while the other would have it at the bottom. When combined with an analytics service, the information collected provides inestimable value in configuring a web page for customers. Amazon further describes A/B Testing in greater detail.

4. Making Clear Calls to Action

Customers are looking for an easy interface and great user experience when making a purchase. If the content is too cumbersome for making an order, customers may be likely to favour the competition. This is why it is important to outline calls to action clearly. DejanSEOprovides several examples of different calls to action that are clear for the customer.

5. Custom Photography

Photos are an excellent medium for displaying information quickly to customers. They are attractive, detailed, and welcome the customer to look for more information. Using custom photographs is one way that small businesses can use their content to stand out from the crowd. Not only does it show products to the customers, but it also establishes businesses as real and professionals by displaying their employees, environment, and experience. Cardeck is a great example of custom photography. This site uses photographs to display vehicles that are commonly available through its service.

6. Organization

Organization of content is important for improving the liklihood of converting a shopper into a buyer. By organizing content into a coherent flow, small businesses can move the attention of customers to common and related areas. If a customer is looking to buy cooking utensils, then moving focus towards dinnerware or place settings might improve conversion rates. S+O Mediademonstrate a great way to organize navigation links and landing pages for attracting customers to making more in depth research.

7. Search Engine Integration

Google and Bing! are now providing custom feels on their organic search engine responses with sitelinks. These are provided by placing specific meta tags in the HTML on a webpage. This design technique helps to encourage vistiors to become shoppers by separating search results. This includes having an about page, products and services page, and contact information instantly available during a search on both of these sites. Hochman Consultantsprovides an example of sitelinks and how they direct customers to a business’ content.

8. Social Media Integration

Social media is now a major component of people’s lives. Businesses are just as influenced by social media as their customers. These networks can be utilized as content of their own. This tool can is most beneficial as a method for allowing customers to advertise freely business content to their friends and family. Target provides how social media can integrated within a site to showcase appealing content to customers.

9. Single Scrolling Page

A scrolling single page is one way to place content into a minimal yet easy and effective interface. These sites are composed of many images or sections that seem to float into position as the customer scrolls down. This is a great way for businesses to avoid having to make numerous links while still providing quality content in a manageable experience. Nikola Tesla – Master of Lightning displays how informational content can be organized with a scrolling single page design.

10. Mobile

As mobile devices are becomming the norm for web surfing, many businesses have found it appropriate to design their mobile site first. By having a responsive mobile design established first, businesses can then easily extend it to work for larger desktop screens. is one example of a great mobile design. Screen captures can be viewed here.

Businesses today are as dependent on online sales as they are from brick-and-mortar customers. Having a web design that attracts customers to focus on content is a powerful method for producing greater conversions of sales and maintaining a strong customer base.

Lucid Crew provides small businesses with a variety of web design services focused on content. Please contact us today to let us help you find the right solution for your design challenges.

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