It’s Not You: Why Your Landing Page is Losing Conversions


“It’s not you.” We all know what that means, right? Well-meaning as they might be, these words leave us feeling defeated and at fault. But, we are here to help pass the blame. A lack of conversions lies with your landing page.

Addressing visitor irritations gets you back on track (and proves us right – it’s not about you):


No one likes waiting. And, a slow loading page leads to this dreaded passage of time. The result? Avoidance. In fact, experience dictates that browsers click off after a mere four seconds. To get your load time to the attractive two seconds or less:

— Upgrade your hosting
— Limit the size and quantity of images
— Avoid custom fonts and special effects.


The surprise of too loud, in-your-face, not relevant ads turns off visitors. In fact, pop-ups in the first five seconds end visits. These annoyances spoil reputation and diminish content value. To turn visitors onto your site:

— Identify page goals and fit ads to them.
— Avoid pop-ups in the first five seconds.
— Only include ads relevant to content and visitors.


Remember that guy at the party who went from “Hi.” to “What is your bank account number?” before knowing your name? Landing pages that get personal too fast fall victim to the “Oh, creepy” look and awkward click away. Relationship rules apply to the solution:

— Play it cool.
— Take it slow.
— Ask for limited information. Maybe just an email?


Our attention span for reading fits in a shot glass. Landing pages which runneth over with verbiage cause us to tremble and run. Or, in the least, think, “I don’t have time for this.” Living up to “less is more” requires you to:

— Allow for plenty of white space.
— Make content skimmable and easy to locate.
— Focus on a few key points.


Sometimes we all need a bump, a suggestion, a clue to the next step. Without an inspiring call to action (CTA), your landing page misses this valuable opportunity. After all, in the absence of known action, we default to doing nothing. To get visitors to click on rather than off:

— Include a visible within three seconds CTA.
— Speak simple, practical, active language.
— Offer an easy solution.

Landing pages hold power in lead generation. The critical nature of this underutilized tool screams for you to bring yours up to speed. Enlist help if need be and rock your conversion numbers.

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