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Best Winery & Vineyard Website Design Inspiration

As with any business, an attractive and functioning website is a very important marketing tool. It is probably the most important marketing tool you can have, so it’s crucial to have something that is unique and stands out from the crowd. The use of images will make people notice. You want to have large, high-quality images that are large-screen friendly. This will show the beauty of the winery and vineyards. Everyone enjoys looking at beautiful pictures and you want to make sure to show the vineyard in all its glory.

The website needs to display well on both large and small, mobile screens. If the design can reshape to fit any sized screen, this will do wonders for your website traffic and be more consumer-friendly. Here are the winery websites that do it best.

Cambria Wines

Cambria Wines does a great job with the full-screen images on their website. The picture on the main page is breathtaking and they did a great job in choosing their photo. It is laid out really well with the headings along the top, which makes it easy to navigate. Also of note is their blog which uses tumblr. and makes it really easy to navigate through the posts. It shows great photos with each blog post to entice you into going further.

web design of Screenshot on 7 25 2016 at 4 03 51 PM

Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch’s website also does a great job with pictures. On the main page it cycles through pictures of the landscape and the different buildings on the winery. The buildings are more rustic, but by using great photos, it still looks elegant. The use of pictures of different areas of the website is again a great strategy as people are more likely to want to see more when the link is accompanied by a beautiful photo. This website is also very easy to use and laid out very well.

web design of Screenshot on 7 25 2016 at 4 21 18 PM

Stoller Family Estate

This is another beautiful website with many full-screen photographs from the estate. One of the coolest features is the interactive map of the vineyards. You are able to click on each section and it will show you how many acres it is, the year it was planted, the variety of wine it produces, the clone, the rootstock, the density and the upper and lower altitudes.

web design of Stoller

Louis M. Martini

Louis M. Martini’s website has pictures that emphasizes the luxury of drinking wine as well as the history behind the family and the company. The headings on the main page feature a great call to action wording such as “Buy Our Wine” and “Visit the Winery.” They also have pictures showing each month what the vineyard looks like.

web design of Louis M Martini

Duckhorn Vineyards

Once again Duckhorn Vineyards’ website features gorgeous photos of both the landscape and the wine itself. Another nice feature is that across the top of the page it has links to Duckhorn’s other labels. It also has a link on the main page to allow you to search for a store near you that carries their wines so you can find it right away.

web design of Duckhorn Vineyards

Rhys Vineyards

What makes Rhys Vineyards’ website unique is that it emphasizes the vineyards themselves. In addition to the goal being to sell wine, the other goal is to educate. There are interactive charts about climate conditions. You can even view galleries of soil samples. It is really cool to navigate through their website and see wine from a more scientific approach.

web design of Rhys Vineyards

Villa San-Juliette Vineyard and Winery

The colors on this website are crisp and breathtaking. It features a beautiful photo of the sun going down behind the vineyard and a video of their grand opening. It also has a picture of the owners laughing and enjoying their own wine. This shows how much fun they have and how enjoyable drinking wine can really be.

web design of Villa

Domaine De La Cote

Something that makes Domaine De La Cote’s website unique is that it features a full-screen video background. It has a great black and white video which shows people enjoying both a meal and the wine itself. The beautiful music also adds to the ambiance and makes you connect wine with an elegant and good time. This definitely makes the website memorable as not many use this type of video.

web design of Domaine De La Cote

Shale Oak Winery

Shale Oak Winery’s website has some great pictures you can click through on the front page of the vineyard and close-ups of plants. The unique piece of this winery is the Tasting Room. There is information on the website about visiting it.

web design of Shale Oak

Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards has one of the best one page websites where everything can be accessed by scrolling down. It is easy to use, well designed and has beautiful pictures. It is important to have great websites and these winery websites are some of the best and most beautiful. Marketing is very important in any business and these definitely gain attention by how well they are designed.

web design of Lightfoot Wolfville

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