Top 10 Legal Website Designs

Aside from word of mouth, attracting customers through a website is another approach to generating new leads for law firms. However, with so many legal firms having an online presence now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a new website to stand out.

As the hub of all marketing efforts, a legal site must attract quality leads to a law firm. So, whether you’re building a new law website or revamping an old one to make it better suited for your company, there are a few strategies you can implement. This list analyzes the top ten legal website designs to see what worked best for them.

Best Legal Website Designs

1. ASA Law Group

Potential clients will most likely explore several websites before deciding which firm to contact. And they’ll probably stay on your site for a few minutes before going on to the next.

As a result, having a unique law firm website is one of the most effective measures to take. Here’s a look at how ASA Law Group’s website grabs the attention of its visitors.

What we like about it

The ASA Law Group’s website has a gold logo prominently displayed in the header. This logo represents the firm’s tagline, “The Golden Standard for Legal.”

The designer also uses gold accents on the website to match the color of the logo. Furthermore, the gold hue contrasts beautifully with the black and white theme, radiating professionalism and competence.

In addition to the iconic logo, the website also uses a hero video featuring an aerial shot of the firm’s location. Since the video is set at night, it highlights the golden lights of the skyscrapers. This perfectly fits the color palette of the website.

2. Infense

In the field of law, you may come across several areas of practice, such as criminal law, consumer law, and labor law. For example, a client who wants the services of a family lawyer should not waste time on a website that specializes in commercial law.

Therefore, the website must instantly inform visitors about the lawyer’s area of expertise. Take a look at how Infense pulls this off.

What we like about it

Infense is a legal practice that focuses on procurement, construction, and real estate development law. The firm’s website makes this clear by displaying the phrases in the header. The hero picture also depicts a building site with numerous cranes in the foreground.

In the “Our Expertise” section of the website, each specialty area is described in detail. In addition, for each legal field, the website outlines the type of service they offer their clients.

3. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Visitors can easily access the required information if you have dedicated practice area pages on your website. This also allows you to insert particular keywords into the pages, thus improving the search engine ranking of your website.

See how Oykhman Criminal Defence Law’s website effectively breaks down criminal defense into separate practice and sub-practice areas.

What we like about it

The Oykhman Criminal Defence Law website immediately informs visitors of the firm’s specialization. This is displayed in bold lettering over the homepage’s hero image.

As mentioned, posting content regarding the various practice areas under a given field improves the website’s search ranking. The OCDL website efficiently accomplishes this by having a page dedicated to specific areas and subareas. For instance, you can find appeals, drug crimes, DUI offenses, and more under the Practice Areas tab.

Each practice is further split into subcategories. So, if you’re looking for a lawyer because you’ve been charged with a criminal driving infraction, you can focus your search on that particular criminal law.

4. YLaw

Your company must be exceptional at what it does to be picked. And the visitor must see proof of its excellence in the field of law to believe it. This is something that YLaw can do directly on its webpage.

What we like about it

YLaw’s website is distinctive from the get-go. It successfully skips the solemnity that most legal websites possess. The hero image depicts the firm’s attorneys in amusing positions.

One lawyer is on the floor with a baby and some blocks, while another clutches a tin can phone to his ear. Its visitors can tell right away that the firm featured on the website specializes in family law. And if this wasn’t clear enough, the header branding declares that YLaw is a firm of “Award-Winning Family Lawyers.”.

A section just beneath the hero image is devoted to the different logos of the company’s accolades. Not only are their lawyers award-winning, but the firm as a whole is thriving, as seen by the selection. This is a great way to persuade your website visitors to give your business serious consideration.

5. Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout

A website only has a few minutes to capture visitors’ attention, so it must wow them with a flashy header or other distinctive elements.

With its unique home page content, the Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout firm’s website accomplishes this perfectly.

What we like about it

This firm’s website simply has three words in its header: “True Trial Lawyers.” Nevertheless, it’s instantly compelling since that is the only thing on the screen outside of the law firm’s name and a rendition of the company’s logo.

Below the fold, you can find a short description of the company with the strong heading, “Solutions.” This website takes conciseness to another level with just a few keywords to communicate what the law firm can bring to the litigation table.

The website also features the firm’s trial results. The cases are arranged in chronological order, with the latest success posted at the top of the page. Each instance is also given a comprehensive description.

The copy is simple to read and provides all pertinent information, including how the firm settled the case. This is significant since the text offers the visitors a sense of how their cases will be handled if they choose this business.

6. Tremain Artaza PLLC

One of the key factors in grabbing visitors’ attention is compelling images and strong CTAs. With just a few words, the website of Tremain Artaza communicates the services potential clients can expect from the firm.

What we like about it

The message on the website could not be more straightforward. If you become a client, you can expect “Honest Treatments, Clear Advice, Smart Strategies.” These words are printed in bold letters on a neutral background, making them stand out.

Once the header captures attention, the website gives visitors more reasons to stay. It showcases all of the recognition that the firm has received so far. You can easily spot the words “Best,” “Super,” and “Board-certified,” even if you don’t focus much on the award logos.

7. Knutson+Casey

Besides an eye-catching color scheme, the website of Knutson+Casey uses a combination of video testimonials and text reviews from previous clients to become memorable to its visitors.

What we like about it

Knutson+Casey’s website opens with a warm photo of the two top lawyers of the firm. Despite the formal clothes, their poses and smiles are welcoming. Upon scrolling, the words “Award-winning Hometown Attorneys” appear. This personalizes the website of the firm since it appeals to the residents of its location.

Moreover, the website goes into depth about why this law firm stands out from its competitors. Each argument is boldly shown inside a box with a black and yellow picture corresponding to the selling point.

The website, however, does not just state that the lawyers are competent. Instead, it offers distinct forms of testimonials from past customers. Some of these reviews are video clips. As we all know, video trumps text when it comes to drawing an audience.

On the same page, the website also has several written reviews, adding to its authenticity.

8. Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial

Sometimes, potential clients don’t care whether a law firm will treat them like family or whether a lawyer is famous in their hometown. The only thing they care about is getting the desired results.

For this type of audience, credibility is the only thing that matters. Keep reading to find out how the website of Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial established its reliability.

What we like about it

If you are an award-winning law firm, you need to make this the first thing potential clients see on your site. As for Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, their website boasts of their award for being the Litigation Department of the Year in a pop-up. So, even before the visitor hits the homepage, they are already aware that this firm has won this prestigious award for six years.

The website also has a list of the firm’s trial successes, arranged chronologically. Each trial name serves as a link to its description page. Moreover, the page contains the facts about the case, the result, value, and location.

9. Struble P.A. Trial Lawyers

Something many legal websites overlook is that most people looking for attorneys aren’t lawyers themselves. As a result, it’s critical to identify navigation buttons and compose page content with this in mind. Keeping this in view, Struble P.A. features a website that is both user-friendly and well-branded.

What we like about it

The logo of the Struble P.A. firm is a stylized letter S. This logo is prominently used all over the website. The elements are arranged in an angular S-like form, allowing the website to stand out from other legal sites.

The words used on the website are relatively easy to understand. For example, instead of “Practice Area” or “Specialization,” the website uses phrases like “What We Do” and “Who We Are” to introduce the firm and its lawyers.

In addition, the website features a page dedicated to the results the firm has retained for its clients. Each case includes the subject as well as the amount of compensation. As a result, visitors can see that this company has earned millions of dollars for its clients.

10. Slinde Nelson

A website with a consistently updated blog attracts relevant user attention, along with improving its SEO ranking. As a result, there is a greater chance of potential clients coming across the website. Based on this, Slinde Nelson maintains a blog that provides readers with valuable information.

What we like about it

You’ll surely end up on this firm’s blog if you’re seeking advice on how to handle a contract dispute. Having a blog directs relevant traffic to your site, so most visitors are already interested in what you have to offer. As a result, if they require legal assistance, the respective website will be the first option they consider.

At least once a week, a fresh, well-written, and highly relevant article on business and commercial law is published on the Slinde Nelson website. The website positions the company as a reputable and dependable source of information with each new piece of content.


To create a successful legal website, you must give a pleasant user experience to your visitors. An intuitive design and high-quality images are also required for the website to be appealing.

Finally, it should have relevant information to persuade the visitor that your law company has the necessary competence to win legal battles.

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