Legal Eagles: Easily the Top 10 Web Designs in the Law Industry

Best Law Firm Websites & Lawyer Website Designs

Sometimes you need more than the yellow pages to find a lawyer that can not only help you but is compatible with your personality, too. Corporate websites can often times be very simple and basic, and to the point, but we’ve gathered the top 10 law web designs that will not only make you stop surfing, but pull you in, too.

1. Henein Hutchison LLP

Henein Hutchison LLP offers a clean look that is amazingly appealing for a corporate design. It hold no secrets, explaining in a large picture slideshow why this law firm is the best option.

web design of Henein Hutchison

2. Tackett Mull Nicolai

Tackett Mull Nicolai takes on a dark, experimental, futuristic look that is as promising as its litigation practice. It engages you quickly and keeps the bold, dark premise throughout the user-friendly scrolling home page.

web design of Tackett Mull

3. Avvo

Avvo combines a classy, modern theme with easy navigation. It offers ratings, reviews, and detailed disciplinary history for each attorney, so you know exactly who you’re working with, taking guesswork out of the equation.

web design of Avvo

4. Advent

Advent utilizes a clean, modern design with an engaging sliding header highlighting everything you need to know. They don’t stop there, however, using hand drawn and retro symbols that add an aspect of fun to an otherwise corporate site.

web design of Advent

5. Bradley M Collins

Bradley M Collins is a clean and bold website that uses large sliding windows to tell you all about what Bradley M. Collins law firm can do for you. Hang out and watch the slideshow. Even if he’s not the lawyer you need, you’ll enjoy the scenery.

web design of Bradley Collins

6. Lash & Goldberg LLP

Lash & Goldberg LLP has bold color scheme with very large and bold photos that definitely grabs your attention. The pictures are so large, in fact, that it encourages you to scroll, enticing you to check them out further.

web design of Lash Goldberg

7. Fogle Keller Purdy

Fogle Keller Purdy offers a friendly face in a big way. The opening screen, with its offer to “get to know us” makes you want to do exactly that. Add to this its clean and bold appearance and you have yourself a gorgeous website.

web design of Fogle Keller

8. Kith & Kin

Kith & Kin< makes sure their website is as engaging and interesting as their name is. Easy navigation, large pictures, and detailed content set this website apart from others in the industry.

web design of Kith Kin

9. Modus

Modus takes their website one step further by dispelling myths about the law industry. Clean and visual, there’s no beat around the bush aspect to this design. It pulls you in instantly and you’ll stick around for awhile, too.

web design of Modus

10. Graham & Graham

Graham & Graham looks like just a plain white homepage but a hidden video is running in the background, exposing it with a simple scroll of your cursor over the page. Dig deeper into the website and you’ll find a great and creative way of displaying important information within pages.

web design of G G
As you can see, even the corporate world can have well-functioning, engaging designs that build their unique brand distinctly. Have a corporate design in mind? Contact us today and find out how we can help you take your ideas beyond your consumers expectations.

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