Top 9 Chiropractic Website Designs

Not so long ago, chiropractors were thought to be quacks. This is because most people did not understand what being a chiropractor entailed. However, their popularity has risen dramatically in recent years.

People are becoming aware of the benefits of chiropractic treatment when dealing with pain, anxiety, mobility difficulties, and other ailments. As a result, it’s becoming a highly competitive market.

Like other healthcare experts in a prominent industry, chiropractors must market themselves to attract new clients. For this purpose, having a good website is one of the most effective ways to stand out.

We’ve chosen a few websites to help you figure out which themes and features to use in your future website projects. Here are 9 of the best chiropractic websites right now.

Top 9 Chiropractic Websites

1. New York Chiropractic Lifestyle Center

The New York Chiropractic Lifestyle Center website attracts visitors by combining intriguing images with a pleasing color scheme. The initial step is for the website to grab the attention of the visitors. Then it’s up to the engaging copy to make them stay.

What We Like About It

Everything about the website readily entices the visitors. Its bright blue and white colors work quite well together, allowing the website to be appealing without overpowering the goal.

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at the homepage is an animated header. The vivid colors and images draw attention to themselves. The center’s slogan, “Your health is our priority,” is an excellent example of a memorable tagline.

Then, as you scroll down, you’ll get a brief description of the center’s expertise. There’s also a section on how the facility can help you achieve optimum health. Again, this may appear to be a standard copy you’d get from any health center.

However, the accompanying video is what makes this part stand out. It’s a clip that promotes the company’s guiding philosophy, “The 100 Year Lifestyle.” The video is quite interesting as it is given in the style of a poem and encourages you to live your best life.

If the chiropractor’s clinic has a compelling slogan, you’d want to highlight it on the website to increase brand recognition. The New York Chiropractic Lifestyle Center has an established principle of a “100 Year Lifestyle,” so it’s only logical that it would wish to emphasize it. You can find the red emblem representing this movement throughout the website.

Another element that distinguishes this website is the use of an app to display the 5-star evaluations by the center’s pleased customers. As a result, a new review pops up every few seconds. As you browse the website’s content, you can’t help but notice these little windows.

2. Dr. Steven Shoshany

A video can convey your message quickly and more effectively than text. Dr. Shoshany’s website makes effective use of this element by including a welcome video for new clients.

What We Like About It

Dr. Shoshany has a website that is quite similar to most other healthcare sites. It features a carousel showcasing the clinic’s variety of services. There is also a section with an introduction to the clinic and the doctor.

The welcome video, however, is what draws the visitor’s attention. The clip explains what the doctor and his colleagues do for their patients to cure their pain in less than two minutes. The clinic is also shown in the video, so visitors can see where they will be receiving their treatments.

It takes the mystery out of the entire therapy procedure, so a prospective customer would not be afraid to visit the clinic for a session.

Another essential feature critical to potential patients is the list of insurance plans that the clinic accepts. Chiropractic treatments aren’t cheap, so all interested clients should check whether their insurance policies cover the procedure. You can find this list at the bottom of the homepage.

3. SpinePro Singapore

As we mentioned earlier, chiropractic treatments can be expensive. So, a promotion or discount on your website can get the attention of an interested visitor. Regardless, the designer must do this in a subtle manner.

The website of SpinePro Singapore incorporates a discount announcement on the homepage without discrediting the effectiveness of the service.

What We Like About It

When you visit the SpinePro Singapore website, the colorful photographs of the leading doctor are the first thing that will catch your eye. You can see him providing various therapies to patients in the photos. Then, as you scroll down, you’ll learn about the benefits of visiting his facility for treatment. Each advantage is discussed in a brief paragraph with a bold header to go along with it. One way of separating the content into small sections is to use headers with different colored fonts.

A section in the middle of the homepage highlights the specifics of the center’s latest promotional offer. The fact that this section fits in well with the rest of the page further adds to its appeal. It doesn’t look alienated since it uses the same black, grey, and teal color scheme.

Moreover, it has the same visual style as the other parts. Regardless, it successfully communicates the discount you would enjoy if you opt for your treatment at this facility.

Why is this important? When it comes to health treatments, anything marketed in bright colors appears tawdry and cheap. Few people will seek therapy if they believe it is inexpensive, as they might consider it unsuccessful.

So, if you’re thinking about offering discounts or other special offers on a chiropractor’s website, think about how it would appear to the visitor.

4. Warrior NYC

Videos are a powerful selling feature of any website. With the site of Warrior NYC, they understand this very well. A pop-up video is what will greet you when you go to the center’s website.

Any website’s video content is a great selling tool, and Warrior NYC’s website demonstrates effective use of this feature. As soon as you land on the center’s website, you will be greeted by a pop-up video.

What We Like About It

When you visit different websites, the pop-ups usually contain a discount voucher or a newsletter sign-up form. However, the Warrior NYC website is not a time-waster. Its pop-up features a video clip that quickly describes the services offered by the facility. It also has a powerful slogan saying that the center “changes lives.”

Another feature of this center’s website is that it adheres to the brand’s “warrior” motif. The center’s logo is well-designed and has a warrior’s helmet with a vertebra on it. Furthermore, a New York view is superimposed with the emblem and the center’s name. As a result, it instantly determines the center’s location.

Besides that, the website uses an image-based menu to introduce the Warrior NYC clinic’s services. The grey menu turns neon blue as soon as you click on it. Also, the copy next to the menu changes to provide details for that particular service.

5. Maryland Farms Chiropractic

For many new patients, the chiropractor’s competence is no longer the primary determining factor. Instead, they are also interested in the appearance of the clinic.

Patients may choose whether or not to visit the facility depending on the impression of the clinic. As a result, you must show off your features on your website. On the website of Maryland Farms Chiropractic, this is what you’ll find.

What We Like About It

Businesses may now include virtual tours on their websites thanks to Google Maps. You can go from the reception area to the various treatment rooms using the virtual tour available on Maryland Farms Chiropractic’s website.

You may even look at the doctor’s degrees on the wall in their office. Moreover, numerous call-to-action buttons beneath the virtual tour map allow you to schedule a visit to see the actual thing.

If the virtual tour doesn’t wow the visitor, the doctor’s community involvement could. If you’re creating a chiropractor website for someone who works in a small town, you should emphasize this relationship to build trust.

This clinic’s doctor was born and raised in the same town. This creates the appearance that she treats the individuals who work for her like family. According to the website, the doctor was also named Best Chiropractor in Brentwood, where the clinic is located, every year from 2016 to the present.

The carousel of photos in the header mentions this prize, and previous award logos are also prominently featured on the homepage. This is another indication that the residents of that community have faith in the clinic.

6. Cornerstone Chiropractic

For first-timers, going to a chiropractor for treatment can be a bit intimidating. Any feature on the website that reassures the patient and walks them through the procedure can go a long way toward persuading a potential client to visit that clinic.

In their virtual tour, Cornerstone Chiropractic gives a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of what will happen throughout the session.

What We Like About It

As you browse the website, you’ll see that it takes you through the consultation procedure in a welcoming and reassuring manner. Once you have a clear understanding of the session, you will feel less nervous about it.

The “tour” starts at the front desk. Following that, there’s an image of a tiny table and two chairs. The copy specifies that the doctor will obtain the patient’s medical history here. The website then displays a picture of a neurological evaluation, and the text briefly describes the examination’s objectives.

If the chiropractor ascertains that the patient needs an adjustment, the patient will proceed to the respective suite. There is even a fun-looking bed covered with plush toys for children.

The tour comes to a close with a button that can be used to schedule an appointment. This button’s placement is ideal for turning casual visitors into paying customers.

7. Perry Family Chiropractic

The chiropractor is the center of attention in any chiropractic office. Even if you have a wonderful website, you can’t attract new patients if your doctor isn’t up to par.

The best chiropractic websites know how to highlight their physicians’ strengths. Perry Family Chiropractic’s website is an outstanding example of this.

What We Like About It

Dr. Katy, their chief doctor, is featured prominently on this website. In all of the photos, she appears friendly and compassionate. This first impression is a strong selling factor since you want someone who seems to care to assist you if you are in pain.

A section on the homepage also describes what each patient may expect when they come in for treatment.

The website copy states that every client is handled with extraordinary care, no matter what sort of pain they are in or how young or old they are. It also emphasizes the fact that the doctor is the area’s only Webster-certified chiropractor.

Below that section, you’ll find quotes from the doctor describing how the facility differs from other chiropractic offices. A photo of her smiling accompanies each statement as she administers treatments to patients. There’s also an adorable photo of her caring for a newborn.

8. Back to Wellness Chiropractic

It’s all well and good to talk about the doctor’s successes and the clinic’s different offerings. An excellent blog, on the other hand, can also bring in new patients.

Take a look at how the Back to Wellness Chiropractic blog contributes to the clinic’s growth.

What We Like About It

A potential patient would most likely research the processes before undergoing any new treatment. Therefore, a casual visitor is more likely to land on your page if your website has several blog articles relevant to treatments and the industry. In addition, visitors are more inclined to patronize your business if the blog content is helpful to them. As a result, an excellent blog can assist in converting visitors into paying customers.

If you search for the phrase “chiropractic blog,” the one featured on the Back to Wellness clinic website will appear at the top of the list. One of the reasons is that it contains highly informative content about chiropractic treatments and general wellness. Moreover, it covers different topics, including bulging discs, forms of headaches, and even appropriate school backpacks for kids.

In each of those blog entries, the writer manages to include the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. So, if you’re looking for these topics, you’ll get a pitch on why you should schedule an appointment with the clinic.

9. Premiere Wellness Care Chiropractic

Patients search for testimonials while looking for a new service provider. Take a look at how the Premiere Wellness Care Chiropractic clinic features testimonials and reviews on its website.

What We Like About It

Testimonials are great, especially when they appear to be genuine. Users are wary of over-the-top reviews as they seem too “sales-y.” Excessively positive and comprehensive reviews are often paid and should not be taken seriously.

Premier Wellness Care Chiropractic transforms its testimonies into success stories on its website. Each story introduces the patient, their problems before treatment, and the therapies the doctor used to solve the condition. In addition, each success story includes a photo of the patient as well as the doctor.

This type of story-based testimonial is highly personal, and it appeals to most people. If the visitor has the same health issues as the featured patient, the testimonial will give them hope that the chiropractor can heal them too. As a result, the more authentic the testimonies appear, the better it is for the website and the practice.


Chiropractic treatments are steadily gaining popularity. As a result, more people are turning to the internet to find the right chiropractor for them. To convince new clients to visit the clinic, the website should highlight the selling points of the chiropractor.

You can achieve this by including high-quality photographs of the doctor in action, copies of their most notable accomplishments, educational history, and awards they’ve earned, among other things. You can also add a personal touch by mentioning the doctor’s links to the community.

Showing the clean rooms and equipment used in the clinic can also help encourage the client to book an appointment. Finally, of course, you shouldn’t forget to include engaging CTAs prominently on the website.

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