Cheers to 10 Splendid Craft Brewery Web Designs

According to the Brewer’s Association, “a passionate voice for craft brewers,” there are 2,822 total breweries in the United States, 2,768 of which are craft breweries. They state that in 2013 craft breweries opened at the rate of more than one per day. The following top 10 craft brewery web designs do not take into account the quality of the craft brews – you’ll have to discover that on your own:

10. Great Divide Brewing Company and Yellow Springs Brewery

Though their beers may taste different, these two sites are essentially the same. They get the point across with a few relevant images and basic info on the home page. Great Divide Brewing Company and Yellow Springs Brewery

best beer website 11

9. Oskar Blues Brewery

At first glance the home page seems a bit jumbled, but upon further inspection, everything is readily available to click and discover. The jumbled appearance requires more time on the site, so you have to stick around a bit longer. The metal background is a nice touch and props to the typewriter for the blog. Oskar Blues Brewery

best beer website 09

8. Madtree Brewing Company

This site design is simple yet manages to effectively express all the relevant points. Under the community tab, click on a photo to get a handy bio of employees and artists. Madtree Brewing Company

best beer website 08

7. Jackalope Brewing Company

Scrolling down from the home page, the images come together as if in a toast for the items “Our Beers”, “About Us” and “Events.” Now, if they could just incorporate the rest of the menu choices in the toast, this web design would be complete. Jackalope Brewing Company

best beer website 07

6. Jackie O’s

This site manages to convey the importance of sustainability to the brewery via the text and photography. Three large images scroll the screen automatically and the information is easy to access. Jackie O’s

best beer website 06

5. Cigar City Brewing

Large, compelling images and font, this site is easy to navigate and find information. Cigar City Brewing

best beer website 05

4. Odell Brewing Company

This site has little thought balloons with extra tidbits of information, like “We’ve got approximately 1000 feet of hose in the brewery…that’s just over 3 football fields!” The large imagery is appealing and beards seem to be a requirement for employment. Odell Brewing Company

best beer website 04

3. Left Hand Brewing Company

The main page invites a longer look with an octopus, a parachute and an uptight Victorian woman drinking a cuppa. Easy scroll from left to right to learn everything about the company and their beers. Left Hand Brewing Company

best beer website 03

2. 3 Floyds Brewing Company

This site combines hand drawn or painted imagery with flashing beers and large fonts. Wicked awesome. 3 Floyds Brewing Company

best beer website 02

1. Austin Beerworks

It’s easy to click on each of their beer cans for a little beer bio. This site also manages to convey the spirit of the company with some lovely photography of the supposed owners draped in sexy poses across pool tables and looking up in deep thought or possible awe, complete with hand over heart and NBA ‘Murica headband. Their Alcohol By Volume (ABV) ratings are particularly entertaining. Austin Beerworks

best beer website 01

All of these craft brewery sites attempt to verify age before entering. For a more in-depth look at why this is silly, see this article. For some crafty web design, contact us.

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