Top 4 Black and White Website Designs

There are so many black and white themed websites out there. The look is popular because the color combination can be stark or trendy depending on how it is applied and interpreted. Some websites are visually stunning, while others are just bland. What is the difference? How come some websites make the colors black and white seem exciting and dynamic while others look flat?

Using a lot of colors on your website can be tricky. You will need to find the balance to keep it from looking cluttered and overly busy. However, using just two colors can be much more complicated. You need to ensure that the style matches the website’s brand and the message it wants to convey. Check out our list of visually astounding black and white websites to see how you can do it right. 

4 Best Black and White Website Designs

1. Genesis

Genesis is a restaurant concept that offers 100% plant-based food. Its black-and-white-themed website is anything but boring. From the unique artwork to the image animations, the visitors will have many things to do and see on this website.

What We Like About It

This is essentially a single-page website. The hero image is a drawing of Adam and Eve. The drawing style is unique and exciting. Everything has mouseover animation features. The flowers sway, the stars twinkle, and even the bald head’s eyes track the movement of the mouse.

What’s interesting is that even the sticky order button is animated. The fries move as if you accidentally tapped it when you mouseover. The movement is eye-catching, so you’d automatically know where to click if you are ready to order.

The website also used very bold fonts for the headings of each section. The one-inch-sized headings are hard to ignore. The other texts all have mouseover animations as well. Every aspect of this website is there to be interacted with and catch the eye of the visitor.

2. The Black Sheep Agency

With the name “Black Sheep,” you can already expect that agency’s website will have a lot of black color. It does have a black and white theme interspersed with tiny pops of colors. Check out how this website effectively used scroll animations and pop-ups to significantly impact the website visitors.

What We Like About It

The moment you arrive at the website of The Black Sheep Agency, your attention is immediately drawn by the bold entrance of the company’s name. As you scroll down, you will read the concept of what the agency is and what it does. The interesting part is the company description that doesn’t appear all at once. The text is in grey, but as you scroll down, one sentence turns black. So your eyes naturally go there. The scroll-down animation guides the eyes where the website wants it to go.

When the visitor reaches the part where the company description talks about the agency’s significant accomplishments in the past, a pop-up appears. It provides a brief description of the project. Each pop-up is a combination of a short text description with some related drawings. The drawings are primarily black with tiny parts that are colored. The visitor can click on this pop-up to see more information about the campaign.

The description page for each campaign is primarily black. The website’s artist uses actual pictures with digital drawings layered over and under the picture.

Underneath the large picture to depict what the project is about, there is a short description and some stats related to the campaign. Examples of these statistics are how much money the people donated for the cause or how many people attended the event. There is also a list of tasks that the agency performed as part of the campaign. While the majority of the pages are in black and white, the website used some colors to highlight the essential concepts and numbers. Again, they instantly draw the attention of the visitor to the concepts that matter.

3. Tangent GC

Black and white is the perfect color scheme for body grooming products. Black signifies dirt, and white is what you get once the body and the surroundings are clean. The color scheme mainly works for Tangent GC because it is a natural, organic product manufacturer that uses sustainable materials. They do not use coloring for their packages, so sticking to a stark color palette makes sense.

What We Like About It

The website of Tangent GC is primarily its online store. The homepage features a header showcasing a product that they will be launching soon. A black and white picture of a metallic lip represents that the company will be coming out with an organic lip balm shortly.

You will see grids of the body washes, soaps, hand creams, and soap bars that the company sells when you scroll down. While the black and white color may seem boring, the font used on the packaging plus the slight tinge of color of the product is enough to catch the visitor’s attention.

Why the use of simple fonts and black and white schemes on the products? The minimalistic approach echoes the company’s use of the barest materials to manufacture the items they sell. The goal of Tangent GC is to introduce products that are good for the skin, cleans well, but uses the least amount of resources so they can remain sustainable.

4. Studio Bjork

Studio Bjork is an online design studio. Because it works in the design industry, there is an expectation that the website will be highly artistic and creative. And, safe to say, it delivers on both fronts. Not only does it wow with the opening video, but the website also utilizes a horizontal scroll.

What We Like About It

As soon as you get to the website, you are immediately welcomed by the attention-grabbing animation of a bunch of blocks being scattered on a white surface. Besides the company’s name at the top left, the only text on the homepage is the one-sentence description of the company.

The About page of the company features two sections. One paragraph talks a bit more about what the agency does. This is printed on top of a black background. On the other side, the one-paragraph text talks about how the design studio is all about the collaboration of the designer and the developer. The black and white theme shows how the two elements work together to produce the agency’s output.

The studio’s portfolio is the only part that shows different colors. One image represents each project. The image goes with the commissioning company’s name and the role of the Bjork Studio in the campaign. Mousing over the image gives it an animated frame.

The images are links to the description page of each campaign. When you go to the information page, the short text description is printed on a black background on the left side of the screen. This straightforward and succinct copy makes it easy for the visitors to scan the information and focus on the visuals.

A video of the campaign plays on the right side of the screen. It automatically plays when you arrive on the page. If you scroll to see more information, screenshots, and pictures of the project, the following pages slide horizontally.


Using a black and white color scheme for a website provides you with a clean and classic background. It is up to you to use your creativity to give this bare palette your own touch. When done wrong, the website can appear bland and unappealing. But, when done right, it can attract more visitors, convey the brand’s message more effectively, and give the users a better experience.

You don’t have to stick to just black and white when you use this color scheme. The introduction of small pops of color is a surprising element that can help you guide the site visitors to pay attention to the site’s call-to-action. The colors on a black and white website design can also emphasize the images and texts you want to highlight.


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