What Does Measurable Mean for Your Marketing?

depositphotos 5999313 m2015You’ve been updating your social media pages, writing amazing blogs, drafting templates for your automated email campaigns, and are sure you’re seeing increases from your SEO strategies. When it comes time to show your work’s impact, though, you aren’t quite sure where to start.

One of the key elements of a prosperous marketing campaign is that it needs to be measurable — something many people recognize, but few do successfully. The main reason? Most marketers aren’t sure where to begin, and may be measuring the wrong data sets.

For example, if you post on Facebook, you wouldn’t want to show a post’s reach by the number of likes a page has. First, not all of your fans have necessarily seen your post. Second, you’ll typically find your post has reached many people who are not fans, and are learning about your brand for the first time. Your post may have reached a far greater number of people than you’d have guessed if you only counted the number of page likes.

A marketer who looks at the wrong set of data typically end up with very skewed numbers, which can have a negative effect on the brand’s all-around marketing effort. Looking at the numbers differently, however, can give your marketing campaign the data required to craft and publish wildly successful content.

  • Measure your sales data: With the entire goal of marketing being centered on bringing in new customers, monitoring your sales is one of the biggest, most impactful measurement tools available to marketers.Tracking where new sales are coming from through specific links and action steps that customers took can take time but will pay off in the end. You’ll learn which campaigns and messages are the most effective, and will be able to regroup and re-target those followers once the specific campaign is done.
  • Measure your ROI and cost to acquire a new customer: By calculating the financial cost of acquiring one new customer and the return on your investment, you can begin to gauge the growth rate for your business, and will see if your marketing plan, or your company itself, will be able to sustain continued growth.
  • Measure your demographics and customer behavior. Many working in media sales have a named, defined typical audience member. He or she is usually a certain age, comes from a specific background, and has well-defined interests that spark actions. By studying the demographic information in your analytics program, you’ll get to know your average audience member on each platform, and can tailor your content accordingly. For example, you wouldn’t usually use the same approach to reach a Millennial as your would a senior citizen. By understanding who your audience members are, and measuring their actions, you can also start to predict future customer behavior, timing and trends.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re measuring pieces of relevant data, give us a call. Lucid Crew provides a wide variety of services and can help you find the right solution for your needs.

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