Stand out in a Selfie World: Creating Compelling Graphics

It has been estimated that people today receive five times more information each day than they did 25 years ago. People are constantly staring at their smartphone, tablet, or laptop while being bombarded with information and advertisements. Social media has come a long way recently as a valuable tool for marketing, but aren’t they just platforms for posting selfies? No. Social media channels such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are highly effective and affordable marketing tools that show positive results in converting prospects. But how do you get people to your landing page from social media? Just post a few selfies, right? No, you need to make your social media posts stand out, and the best way to do that is to use compelling graphics.

In order to create interesting graphics for your social media posts or website, you don’t have to be an artist or have a degree in graphic design. There are several great tools available that enable average people to create above average graphics for their next post! Here are a few of the best ones and what they can do:


When you do research on the subject of graphics, the favorite tool used worldwide by a wide margin is Canva. This popular AND FREE tool can pretty much help you do it all. Infographics, videos, images, blog covers, banner ads, and overlays can all be created with a simple and easy to use dashboard. If you choose to do so, you can pay for added features or use Canva for Work to help you manage consistent looking documents for your brand. Anyone can produce some eye-catching content using Canva.


This is another great tool for creating reports or infographics. Basically if you need to present data in a graphic way, you can do it here. They have plenty of templates available, or you can start from scratch with a blank page. If you’re an internet marketer, you’ll want to pay for the monthly subscription for full access to all of the great features.


One of the big no-no’s for internet marketing is using stock photography. Nothing loses potential customers’ interest faster than a fake-looking photo. To avoid this mistake, marketers can instead use Pexels. This fantastic tool gives you access to thousands of great looking photos to add to your marketing posts that don’t look staged or heavily photoshopped. This is a great resource for marketers working on a slim budget who post several times per day, and it’s completely free!

Those are just a few of the awesome tools that are now available to help marketers create compelling graphics to capture the attention of potential clients. There are a lot more out there, like Vennage and Flaticons, so feel free to do your own research to select the tools that are right for you. If you have any more questions about creating graphics for your posts or you need help creating some, contact the internet professionals at Lucid Crew to see how they can help you today!

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