Raising the Curtain on the Top 10 Theatre Company Web Designs

Best Local Theatre Company Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to running a theater company, there are a lot of things to manage on a very tight budget. You may be tempted to push building a great looking website to the bottom of your priorities list, but doing so could jeopardize your ticket sales. Today’s theater goers are a technologically savvy group! When they are looking for events to attend, the first place they look is the internet. If they see a shoddy website with bad photos, broken links, and outdated information, they won’t be confident about the quality of your production and are likely to move on to the next website. Your website is your first chance to wow potential audience members! Show them that your theater company is vibrant, exciting, and top-quality by putting those same attributes into your website.
Here are the top 10 theater company web designs that we think make a positive first impression:

1. Opera Delaware

The layout may be simple, but the banner artwork is great and you have all the information you need right on the front page. Check festival schedules and upcoming events in an easy-to-understand format. We especially love that they made their social media buttons nice and big, encouraging patron interaction!


2. Liberty Lake Theatre

This website may not be perfect, but here is what we like: the layout encourages participation with small-but-bold graphics announcing what’s now, what’s next, and what you can audition for currently. The color block at the bottom ties in with their logo color, too, which is a nice visual.


3. Salina Community Theatre

This might be our favorite theater company website, because there is nothing amateur about this site. Great graphics that change when you mouse-over them, contact information right at the top, and a buy tickets button that is hard to miss. Really a great website!


4. Pocono Community Theater

Great example of a theater company being able to break away from basic black! This website is bright and cheerful, and we like that all of the showtimes are right there on the front page. Patrons won’t have to go digging to find the information they need!


5. Labyrinth Theater

Bright, bold colors against a dark gray background make this website pop. Plus, cool graphic navigation on the side is eye-catching and easy to use.


6. Asheville Community Theater

Nice subtle background plus professional photography creates a high impact website. Very little text on the front page, but the visuals make it work.


7. Roundabout Theater

Another bright and cheerful theater company website that makes going to a show look like a lot of fun. Nice scroll bar under the main graphic allows you to visual see where to get the information you need.


8. Bas Bleu Theatre

Well built website packed with information. This theater company does a good job of displaying their contributors at the bottom of the page in a subtle, uniform way. We like the blocked layout, too, because it is easy on the eyes.


9. Utah Opera

Big graphics and great color blocking! This is a wonderful website that feels exciting, just like a good night at the opera. A little bit dramatic with an awesome color scheme, too. Bravo!


10. PigPen Theater Company

This theater company’s website is the epitome of cool. Fun photos of the actors greet you, and as you scroll down the website makes you more and more excited to check them out. Simple but impactful, we love that they embed some videos of their performances, too.


Inspired by any of these theater company website and ready to improve your own? Contact us today. We’ll show you how you can have a great looking website that give your patrons a reason to come to your events. We’ll put your theater company’s name up in lights!

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