Top 6 Physical Therapist Web Designs

Are you looking for ways to advertise your physical therapy practice? If that’s the case, you’ve probably come across the avenue of online marketing. If done correctly, an official website can do wonders for your practice. A well-designed website may also help you make a good first impression on your potential clients.

Now, designing a website is a tricky task since the design must correspond to the preferences of the target audience. We’ve prepared a list of the top physical therapy websites out there to help you learn what aspects to consider for your website design.

Take a look at the websites we’ve selected and wait for inspiration to hit!

Top 6 Physical Therapy Websites

1. Ivy Rehab Network

We love the Ivy Rehab Network website because of how easy it is to navigate. To attract visitors, the website has a perfect combination of elegant visuals with functionality. The pages load quickly and get down to business right away. You can start by entering your location to find a facility near you, meaning you won’t have to waste any time going through locations.

What We Like About It

There are several features that make the Ivy Rehab Network stand out from the crowd. Direct Access is one of them. With this feature, you can see a therapist without needing a prescription.

They’ve utilized their website to make a stronger pitch to potential clients by listing their capabilities. They pride themselves on being able to hold appointments within 24 hours. In addition, Ivy Rehab Network provides the best treatment with experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment.

There are around 281 physical therapy clinics within the network. The website allows you to access these sites in one place and contains the latest network member information.

The Ivy Rehab Network’s website is the best in terms of functionality. You can use the website to pay the dues, schedule an appointment, find a location, get a complimentary screening, and much more.

2. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy provides its clients with a website that makes working with them more convenient. All of the relevant info, such as their treatments and locations, is accessible.

In addition to that, they even help you find a location for their clinic that is closer to you. The overall design of the website is user-friendly and simple to navigate.

What We Like About It

A sliding header welcomes you to the website, emphasizing their commitment to helping you live your best life and introducing telehealth. Immediately below the header is the appointment booking call-to-action button.

They deal with a variety of pains and symptoms. You can select the type of pain you are experiencing by clicking on it. The website will redirect you to the relevant page to see if you have any more symptoms. They also discuss possible causes and give an option for booking an appointment right away.

They have 90 different locations, and you can use the website to find the location that suits you the best. The bottom part of the website is dedicated to the address of the corporate headquarters and more options like paying your account. You can also access their social media through the links there.

We love the versatility and enhanced functionality of the website. It allows you to pay the fee, read their blog, learn what to expect, find a specific location, and much more.

3. BreakThrough Physical Therapy

The BreakThrough Physical Therapy website has taken a unique approach to website design. The website is interactive with quizzes, forms, and appointment booking options to assist clients in finding what they are looking for. In addition, they’ve gone above and beyond for customer assurance, including figures and testimonials to demonstrate that they’re a viable option for getting the job done.

What We Like About It

You can book an appointment through the website’s booking feature as soon as you log in. The top menu is convenient for navigating the website swiftly and includes a search feature. There’s also a phone number posted there for any consumer questions.

Upon scrolling lower, there are options for paying bills online and filling any forms required beforehand. Users can also take a questionnaire on the website to check if physical therapy can help them with their pain.

The testimonials section is a great way to reassure customers. There are two ways these testimonials have been incorporated here. One is through short real-time reviews, while the other is a more detailed success stories section.   

4. Sports Rehabilitation Unlimited

Sports Rehab Unlimited takes a specialized approach to physical treatment, which is reflected on the website. The site is functional, allowing users ease of access. The top menu makes navigation easy as any page is just a click away. Furthermore, they have displayed the various awards they have received in terms of excellence to establish themselves as superior to their competitors.

What We Like About It

This website’s direct-to-business approach is one of our favorites. As soon as you enter, you are given the option to pay the bills or schedule an appointment. You can choose between an in-clinic appointment or a telehealth appointment. The website also offers information on what to expect from your visit. 

The following section discusses the services they provide as well as their success rate in treating various pains. In conjunction with the testimonials section, the awards section does a lot to establish them as a solid presence in the physical therapy field.

They have differentiated themselves from others by displaying that they are not limited to manual physical therapy. They also offer therapeutic taping, orthotics, and healing modalities. The space at the bottom of the web page contains their contact details and social media handles.

5. Athletix Rehab

Another sports physical therapy website that focuses on athletes is Athletix Rehab. The website design is vastly different from others in terms of visuals. The dark color scheme makes things easier to read. They have replaced the top menu with a side menu, which gives the website a unique and stylish appearance. 

What We Like About It

The website features videos and blog posts to help new patients understand how things work at Athletix Rehab. These videos can help reassure patients and reduce anxiety by letting them know what to expect.

Because of their bright, eye-catching hue, the call-to-action buttons are easy to spot. In addition, they are placed in evenly distributed spaces so that patients don’t waste their time looking for them. 

They have a separate review section and showcase athletes such as NFL players. This gives an excellent first impression since people are more likely to believe the words of someone they know rather than strangers.

6. Smart Body Physical Therapy

The Smart Body Physical Therapy website caters to two types of people, those who just want to skim through information and visit and those who wish to take a more detailed look at things. This approach makes the website user-friendly and efficient.

What We Like About It

We love that they have displayed all the necessary information at the very top of the homepage. This covers office hours, phone numbers, addresses, and appointment scheduling options. You can even find the directions from your location to the therapy center by clicking on the directions button.

They make several points on why they have a better approach to physical therapy and what makes them the best option. The website goes into great detail about the therapists’ experience in the field and what makes them stand out from the rest of the physical therapy clinics. In addition, they have included profiles on their team so that people can judge how good their therapists are.

Pre and post-op physical therapy are among the services listed on the website’s detailed sections. The testimonials are strategically positioned to boost customer confidence in the company’s service.


People are looking for information on what they should expect and how to prepare. So ideally, your website should be able to assist with that. For example, the perfect website for physical therapy clinics allows clients to book appointments and pay the fees for their sessions. Occasionally, they even allow patients to fill forms they would otherwise have to fill in the clinic.

Remember that flashy visual effects are useless if they do not have solid information and functionality backing them up. We hope you now have a better understanding of the many website design possibilities and have plenty of ideas for what to do next.

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