Top 10 Food Blog Web Designs

Best Web Design for Food Blogs

When a food enthusiast looks at a website, they want to salivate with desire. Video and image content is important to wet the appetite, but informative text is just as important to give the site substance. The top 10 foodie web designs on this list strike a scrumptious balance between making the foodie drool and saying something worthwhile.

To entice you, modern food websites use a terrific user interface design, gorgeous photography, an easy interface, vibrant colors, enticing fonts, quality content, and often a miracle ingredient.

1. Chicago Foodies

Right from the homepage, you know you have reached the central hub of Chicago food. The page offers some delicious pictures of food served at local restaurants while offering timely information on upcoming foodie events. It’s time to start drooling while marking your calendar for local food fun.

Chicago Foodies

2. Flourishing Foodie

Food imagery takes center stage on this site, so prepare to salivate. You can find some useful tips on balancing life and food as well, but mostly, you want to watch this site for the delicious pictures.

Flourishing Food

3. Love and Lemons

This blog site does an excellent job of offering educational pictures. The images are high quality, but they illustrate ingredients found in recipes or the steps used to make some of the featured dishes. The layout provides valuable information on the first page, and viewers can click to see recipes if they desire. The recipe pages are clean and easy to print.

Love and Lemons

4. In a Half Shell

In a nutshell: this site instantly grabs the eye with beautiful imagery, but the fun post titles will keep you clicking from page to page for hours.

In a Half Shell

5. Lady and Pups

You will find some appetizing images on this site, but it’s the details put into the recipes that you will appreciate most. The site goes in-depth on the history and benefits of ingredients, increasing the educational value of the overall site.

Lady and Pups

6. Carlo’s Bakery

This bakery website is easy to navigate, features pictures that portray baking as an art form, and delivers all the information visitors need to pay the bakery a visit. The cake pictures are stunning, but what else do you expect from a website owned by a Cake Boss star?

Carlos Bakery

7. Adventures in Cooking

This site combines food and photography in an interesting manner, and the images make you want to spend more time on the page. Once you start reading, the posts will make you ponder food’s place in your life in a deep manner.

Adventures in Cooking

8. Chez Pim

You can read this popular food writer’s work in many national magazines, but her website is even more satisfying. You will find gorgeous photos, interesting recipes and lots of encouragement to get creative in your own kitchen.

Chez Pim

9. Oh She Glows

This is a clean site design that tells stories through images just as much as through words. You get in-depth information about cooking different types of food, and the pictures will make your stomach growl.

Oh She Grows

10. Green Kitchen Stories

This vegetarian foodie website allows you to select posts of interest by the image first and a short blurb second. Let your taste buds guide you to the best content.

Green Kitchen

Could your foodie website use a better recipe? Contact us today to discuss all the ingredients needed for a scrumptious site.

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