Top 10 Bank Web Designs

Best Bank & Credit Union Website Design Inspiration

In today’s world, bank accounts are accessible through the internet, your phone, and even the old fashioned way of walking into a branch. Here are the top 10 bank web designs. When you balance your accounts through the use of one of these sites, be sure to take note of how much detail was put into the creation, and the updates by these companies.

This means that a banking website with an original and functional design is quickly becoming a top priority. Continue reading to learn about the best banking website designs available right now.

1. Wells Fargo

This site has a nice feature for finding the ATM closest to you, especially useful when you’re on the go. The overall site is convenient and user friendly.

web design of Wells Fargo

2. Chase

This one has a helpful tab that asks the question, “Why Chase?” When you roll over it, it goes on to give a few simple details about itself to give you a feel for what type of bank it is.

web design of Chase

3. Citi

Citi’s site starts off showing you what they offer with their card service, and has a tab that pulls up a picture and information, showcasing their new Citi mobile app.

web design of Citi

4. PNC

On the homepage of this site, there are links to logins for other customers besides the ones that have a personal account. So when someone from a small business wants to log in, they can just click onto that page and log in from there. Its the same with corporate & institutional. Each page has a different color, so no one gets confused.

web design of PNC

5. Bank of America

There is a convenient tab on the home screen of this website to report phishing email that was supposedly received from this site. Phishing is when someone posts a page online or sends an email that pretends to be from a company you trust. This is an illegal act, that needs to be reported immediately.

web design of Bank of America

6. TD Bank

Upon opening up this page, there is a single box up in the right corner that allows you to enter a question that you have about their service word for word, instead of looking through all the pages until you find the answer

web design of TD bank

7. Sun National

There are live Twitter feeds that can be read on the right side of this home page.

web design of Sun Bank

8. Affinity

This page starts out with a huge pic of a funny cartoon of a man struggling to fight robots. The headline, “Fear killer robots, don’t fear getting a mortgage,” helps to put things into perspective.

web design of Affinity

9. Capital One

Located on this page is a tab with a link to info on the bank’s app for keeping track of your credit score.

web design of Capital One

10. American Express

A fun little quiz located on the bottom of the home page can be taken to see which of their cards is right for you.

web design of Ammerican Express

For more information on how you can have one of the top bank web designs out there, or any web design, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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