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“Their creative work is fresh and innovative, and it is jam-packed with exciting ideas. I appreciate their ability to quickly understand what I needed, their attention to detail, and their quick response time. [The] team of outstanding specialists is a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse Lucid Crew and give them five out of five stars!” - Sarla Nichols, Midtown Yoga

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Nowadays, business lives on the web. In fact, because it’s likely the first place that people look for information about a business, the success of a business can be made or broken simply by its online presence. Because of that, the importance of a visually appealing, information-rich, easily maintainable website has never been more necessary. We build flexible, modern, user-experienced focused, WordPress-powered websites that bring more visitors, spark more conversations, and create more conversions.

 Louisville Web Design This Flawless Doesn’t Happen By Chance.

Each website we build is more than just a pretty face for your Louisville business. It also gets results. Our websites grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to take action with clear, striking design and easy navigation.

Your branding says a lot about you and your business. In fact, it’s the first thing people notice about you, the first thing they judge you on, and it’s one of the best ways to create recognition for you, your brand, and your product. We have an established branding process that will give your business a polished and professional image that you’ll be proud of.

We believe in designing rich user-experiences and user-interfaces that get people talking (and clicking). If you’re looking for a team to work with on planning your digital product’s user experience, we want to help.

In addition, each of our sites must pass a series of strict requirements for security, coding, navigation, and marketing issues before we consider it done. Our exhaustive production process ensures that your finished product is as close to perfect as possible.

 We Don’t Just Make This Stuff Up.

Does your website really appeal to your target audience? At LucidCrew, we don’t leave it to chance.

We’ll conduct exhaustive market research to ensure your Louisville website design is truly accomplishing what it should. If the scope of the project allows for it, we’ll even bring in a focus group consisting of your target audience – the people you most want to reach on your site. We’ll ensure our design meets their criteria as well as yours.

Whoever it was that first said ‘Content is King’ was definitely right; and that’s especially true when it comes to the web. But knowing how to create content is just one part of the content puzzle; it’s more important to to know why you’re creating it and who you’re creating it for in the first place. That’s where a content strategy comes in. As part of an overall digital strategy, we’ll plan, research, create, and implement a content strategy that gets the right people, to the right content, at the right time.

 The SEO Ninja is Here to Help.

We believe in applying ethical and natural white-hat keyword planning to websites in the form of a content strategy. Simply put, if you’re looking for a way to instantly rise to the top of your search category by trying to unethically trick Google’s web crawlers by hiding links, stuffing keywords, or using link farms, you’re in the wrong place. We think that webspam and artificially-inflated search results ruin the integrity, value, and most importantly, the usefulness of the Internet.

For us, it’s all about producing quality content that Google (and the public) loves. Creating a long-term content strategy begins with a deep look at where your target audience is online, where you are online, and where you want to be online. We believe that the best way to get meaningful and long-term results is to have a rock-solid keyword plan in place that emphasizes great content and establishes your online authority. Once we’re done, and the strategy is in place, we also offer a Monthly SEO Service Package to maintain and improve rankings and the search engine overall health of your website.

 Easy Navigation is Non-Negotiable.

Do you have a website, but it’s not getting the results you want? Do you know much traffic you’re getting or where people are actually clicking? Do you know how users are behaving on your website, or if they’re actually clicking those buttons? Using a variety of techniques, including analytics, screen recordings, and heat-mapping, we’ll help you answer those questions and more by collecting data and putting together a solid plan about how we can improve your website’s overall interactions to get better and more meaningful conversions.

Is your current website not using a CMS, or is it using a CMS that is no longer working for you? Maybe it’s out-of-date, or it doesn’t support your workflow or the new technologies you want to take advantage of. We want to help. Together, we’ll sit down and put together a comprehensive plan for migrating your website over to WordPress completely, with no detail left behind.