How to Use Snapchat Geofilters to Find Qualified Prospects

Does your business utilize social media to find prospects that want or need your products and/or services? Are you interested in a cost-effective method to generate new sales leads for pennies on the dollar? If you’re not already, you should be using Snapchat. Snapchat is a social media platform that’s more organic, interactive, and immersive than the others, and now there’s a great way to use it to drive business to your website. This powerful tool is called Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters.

So what is a Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter? When you use Snapchat, you can share or take pictures using overlays that are fun and interesting called filters. Snapchat users love to share filters with their friends, even if they have a brand name on them, which is good for us marketers. An On-Demand Geofilter is a filter that you can create for your business that is available only in a certain geographical area for a limited time with your brand on it. For example if you are attending an industry event like a convention, you can create a special Geofilter that is available for attendees to use for the duration of the event, and you can specify the area that it is available, such as the convention hall and the immediate area. This is called a geofence. A well-crafted and fun Geofilter can be the hit of the event, causing hundreds or thousands of Snapchat users to share photos using your filter, thereby exposing your brand and creating new prospects.

What do these On-Demand Geofilters cost? Currently, Snapchat is charging for coverage in square feet and duration that you want it to run. The coverage area must be from twenty thousand to five million square feet, and your filter can run for thirty days or less. The general rule of thumb is around five dollars for twenty thousand square feet for one day. Depending upon the success of your Geofilter, the cost of each prospect is often well below fifty cents.

If you want to use a social media marketing strategy that will set your business apart, take a long look at using Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters. So far, very few brands are taking advantage of this marketing tool and it is achieving impressive results. For example, one seven-hundred person event generated ninety-thousand views using a branded Geofilter that cost $68. As the word gets out among media marketers and more businesses take advantage of this tool it will become commonplace. To differentiate your business, the time to use Geofilters is now. If you have any questions about marketing on Snapchat or any other Social Media platform, be sure to contact the professionals atLucid Crew to see how they can help you generate more prospects today!

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