Top 5 Veterinary Website Designs

Taking care of their pets is important to many people. It means buying the healthiest food, getting the cutest accessories, and choosing only the best veterinarian. Part of the choosing process is going online and deciding which doctor is good enough for the smallest family member.

This is why having a good, impactful veterinarian website is crucial to a vet practice. It is as important as having the most advanced equipment and the hardest working staff. The website is integral in how pet owners decide. It is what makes the first impression for the veterinarian. If what the website has to offer does not wow the visitors, then they will go to another website. Below are some of the best veterinary web designs to inspire you on your next website project.

Top 5 Veterinary Websites

1. Park Ridge Animal Hospital

The Park Ridge website offers an appealing header to greet visitors. Plus, it has a unique and fun navigation experience. It is a great way to pull in visitors and make them go over the website’s contents.

What We Like About It

The hero image is a see-through cut-out of the hospital’s name over a cute image of a dog. First of all, everybody loves looking at pictures of cute pets. This is immediately compelling. Secondly, the overall appearance of the first page is appealing enough to warrant a few more scrolls.

The navigation is different. The next full-page slider does not come from the bottom. It slides in from the right. This next page offers a tour of the hospital. If you are a pet parent, you’d want to see where the vet will treat your fur baby. The picture tour shows a very clean yet comforting space for animals.

As you scroll through the rest of the website’s contents, you would notice that the “Make an Appointment” link stays on top of the screen. This feature makes it extra easy for the visitor to set an appointment with the clinic.

2. Mendocino Animal Hospital

This veterinary clinic’s motto is “Strengthening the human-animal bond.” All of the elements on their website show how they make this motto happen. So, if you have a strong company vision or motto, you’d want to feature that on your website. It enhances the personal touch that the practice can provide the pets.

What We Like About It

Because the motto has something to do with making the bond between pets and people stronger, all of the images on the homepage have humans bonding with the animals. Others feature humans looking friendly.

The homepage seems formulaic but effective. A large image of people and animals looking happy together separates each section. Then, the different information text about the clinic is always accompanied by a smaller image. The website makes effective use of white space. That is why the entire thing doesn’t look crowded.

All the text sections are superimposed over a semi-transparent illustration of the mountains of Ukiah. This is a nod to the hospital’s commitment to its community. This gives the clinic a very personal touch. If you are a pet owner, you’d want your pet treated there because the clinic and its staff seem to have a deep sense of love for the community and all its members.

Additionally, each page of the website provides relevant information for any pet owner. For example, if you are interested in bringing your pet to the clinic for a wellness exam, you can click on the link for that service. On the web page, you’d find out what a wellness exam entails. It also details what vets check for.

Underneath that is a great reminder about preventative care. Any devoted animal lover would be spending a long time on these pages. The information is highly relevant and professionally written. Additionally, in every section, the call-to-action buttons are always prominent.

3. Veterinary Emergency Group

When your pet needs immediate attention, you won’t want to scroll through pictures of happy-looking pets. You want quick access to the page where you can request a consultation with a vet as soon as possible. That is exactly what VEG has on its website.

What We Like About It

This website is for pet owners whose pet has just taken a tumble or eaten something it shouldn’t have. The first thing you will see is a picture of the staff members interacting with their charges. It is a very reassuring photo of the people who will likely take care of the visitor’s pet.

The most prominent call to action on the header is the button to find all the VEG branches in your vicinity. Visitors with a pet emergency would want to find a nearby clinic and get their pet quickly there are soon as possible. The web designer arranged the branches per state and included pictures of the façade of the buildings. This is another way to make locating the branches as convenient as possible.

Once you’ve chosen a branch, you can choose to get more textual information or open the location on your mobile gadget’s map app. Choosing the latter will lead to a page describing the branch, its address, operating hours, and an option to call their vet via a phone app. Again, being able to get help is the primary goal for each page.

While you are on your way to the vet, you can go over the clinic’s FAQ. There is a link for that at the bottom of the homepage. This FAQ covers everything about the clinic and its services.

Different colored backgrounds (white and grey) separate each section. Additionally, the text font they used is simple and neat. Indeed, these components make the website easy to scan.

4. Pet Poison Helpline

Here is another great website for pet emergencies. The Pet Poison Helpline obviously focuses on poisoning incidents. The website presents all of the information one would need should the visitor require assistance for a pet that got poisoned.

What We Like About It

The website opens with the clinic’s contact information on top of the hero image. Then it indicates the price of the incident fee. Having a pet in dire need of assistance is already very stressful for the owner. Not knowing how much one has to pay for the services is another thing they’d have to worry about. Because the fee is already indicated, the owner can now make a quick decision. In short, they can assess whether they would continue with a consultation or try to find a cheaper alternative.

The next part of the homepage talks about emergency instructions. The first thing that it asks the visitor is to evaluate whether their situation is indeed an emergency. And then it enumerates, in easy-to-understand instructions, what the pet owner should do.

Below that, the website details the steps that the clinic will follow to address the situation. The tone of the text is very calm and straightforward. Beneath that are testimonials of pet owners who have had a great experience with the clinic. These are all reassurances to the pet owners that their beloved animal will be in good hands.

Another great part of this website is its articles on pet safety. They have a carousel of images of the common dangerous objects to pets. These are arranged by theme. There are articles about poisonous plants to keep away from your pet. The information is highly relevant for pet owners.

5. Adobe Veterinary Center

When it comes to caring for our pet’s health, we must go to a highly skilled professional. You can prove that skill by posting the vet’s professional associations. This is one of the elements that is highly featured on the website of the Adobe Veterinary Center.

What We Like About It

The homepage of the Adobe Veterinary Center’s website is dedicated to assuring the visitors of the veterinarians’ professionalism and expertise. First, in the description copy for the center, the text mentions that the center has been providing care for all kinds of animals in the community since 1979. The focus on the number of years of the center’s existence is provided as proof that the community trusts it.

Next, the copy highlights that the seven vets working at the center have a combined experience of 65 years. And each one of them takes over one hundred and fifty hours of continuing education every year. Not only does this mean that the professionals are highly knowledgeable in their field, but they also do not stop learning.

Below the center description, the logos of the professional associations where the vets belong are shown in a slider. And then below that, there is a video presentation of their vets’ membership to the American Animal Hospital Association. It explains what it means for a practice to belong to the association. Again, the text beside the video highlights that only 14% of the hospitals in the continent belong to this association. This claims that the Adobe Veterinary Center is part of that elite group.

Finally, just before the contact form, the website shows a carousel of the most recent testimonials from satisfied customers. There is even a call-to-action button to view more reviews. They have a total of twenty-four 5-star reviews featured on their review page in total and more short testimonials beneath that.

All these elements reassure the visitors that the doctors working at this center are highly skilled professionals. Ultimately, these are proof that they are going to take good care of the visitor’s pets.


People love their pets. They want the absolute best for them. If they want the best vet to take care of their littlest family member, they will go online and look for one with the most reassuring and professional-looking website in their area.

These veterinary web design inspirations showed that eye-catching pictures of happy pets go a long way in attracting visitors. Next, the vet’s certifications and customer testimonials are what make the pet owners stay on the site. Finally, informative copy and effective call-to-action buttons help the website secure new animal clients.

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