3 Extremely Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is one of the single greatest advertisement avenues to happen in business. It’s cost effective, gives you a chance to communicate with the customers, and is also an excellent place to find leads and make business connections with like-minded people.

The problem with marketing through various social media channels is that it can be time consuming and sometimes downright frustrating when the results aren’t what you had envisioned. Don’t worry! Through constant testing, a little patience, and a dedicated team by your side, your business can become the lead-capturing conversation hot-spot you had always hoped it would be.

You can also utilize these 3 extremely helpful social media marketing tips.

Utilize Call To Action

This often overlooked social media marketing element should be an integral part of your online strategy. Call to actions are designed to get people to share a post, click through to your website, buy a product, take an action. The point is to lead them towards the path of becoming a sale or lead. So on Facebook posts or tweets and everything in between, there should be a call to action within the message. Even a one liner as simple as “Help Us Spread the Word!” will get a far more actionable response compared to a share that does not. A good example of a straightforward call to action in social media is from the Facebook fan page of Mari Smith, author and snavvy social media marketer: Mari Smith Facebook

Stronger Content Strategy

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and she rules the house.” – Mari Smith from 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach. This quote couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Sure, content may be King but if a social media post is dull and uninteresting then know one will care to share it. Think about engagement before quality. Ask yourself if this post is worthy enough to be passed around the web. Become stricter on what your company puts out in the world of social media, make sure it is engagement-friendly. A fine example of a company who seems to have mastered the art of getting people to like and share their posts through obstrusive wit, sarcasm and sometimes downright disgust is media underdog The Onion. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but each social media post receives a continuous and reliable number of shares and likes, so they’re doing something right by going against the tide. The Onion Facebook

Less is More

Instead of trying to tackle a dozen of the hundreds of social media websites that are out there, a good rule of thumb is to stick with one, two, or at the most, three social media sites until your business has established a stable presence. Spreading your company’s social media pages too thin eats up your time and makes everything more complex than it has to be. A good example of a company who zoned in on one social media outlet while simultaneously working with others in moderation is Dillard’s, who first used Pinterest above other outlets because of its compatibility with their business.Dillard’s Pinterest

Social media marketing is a continous process that is constantly evolving due to new tools, features and terms of service. Zone in on one social media site at a time and persist until your brand gets the results it wants.

What are some of your thoughts on social media marketing? Do you have success or do you feel like it’s a daunting process? Feel free to drop a comment or contact us today.

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